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Inogen One G4 Carry Bag

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Do you enjoy the freedom of portability with your Inogen One G4 oxygen concentrator? Take it a step further with the Inogen One G4 carrying case, specially designed for your compact G4 machine. 

One of the main concerns of oxygen users is the protection of their machines while mobile. With this practical carry case, you can stop worrying about how to move around with your oxygen machine and start living again.

Inogen One G4 Carry Bag Features

The Inogen One G4 Carry Bag offers you a practical solution for how to transport your G4 portable machine when you’re out for the day. But it’s more than just a compact carry bag. It carries a lot of surprises in a small package.

Look at all the benefits you’ll enjoy with the G4 Carry Bag:

Practical & Discreet

There are no bells and whistles with this carry bag, just a compact, discreet, and practical design. It’s constructed from sturdy materials, and perfectly made to fit the dimensions of your G4 machine. 

The clear front flap provides clear visibility of your machine’s display at all times. You’ll also have easy access to your oxygen and quick opening and closing with the secure stud fastening on the front of the bag.

Multi-Functional Design 

Inogen is well known for creating versatile and user-friendly products, and this carry bag is no different.

The Inogen One G4 Carry Bag is designed to be used in several ways - you decide how to use it. A world of possibilities awaits you. Use the carry handle or, when you need your hands free, attach it to your belt with the attached belt loop. 

Free FedEx Delivery

You can always expect that little bit extra when ordering your Inogen oxygen concentrator machines and related products through Main Clinic Supply. We offer you completely free FedEx delivery on all products, including this handy G4 carry bag.

Your Purchase Includes

Your Inogen G4 Carry Bag with:

  • Manufacturer’s approval for use with the G4 Oxygen Concentrator
  • Compact, lightweight yet durable construction
  • Easy access to your machine
  • Clear visibility of the display through the flap
  • The option of converting to a shoulder bag
  • A handy belt loop for hands-free carrying
  • Low price
  • And FREE FedEx delivery

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