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Main Clinic Supply's corporate headquarters is located in Rochester, Minnesota, the home of the world famous Mayo Clinic.

We are registered and credentialed to deliver inside both Mayo Clinic hospitals. We offer free delivery, 7 days a week, to Mayo Clinic’s Saint Mary’s Hospital and Methodist Hospital. We also deliver to all Rochester, Minnesota hotels.

FedEx has a very large presence here in Rochester with a high volume of high priority medical shipments coming in and out. Other areas of the country cut off FedEx shipments earlier in the day, but due to those high priority shipments, we are able to continue shipping late into the evening hours. We value our Priority Status with FedEx.

Main Clinic Supply is a family-owned and operated medical equipment supplier. In this business, we genuinely strive to help people and their families first and make a profit second. We admire, appreciate, and are inspired by the values Mayo Clinic was founded upon. This small Minnesota town rose to be a world leader in healthcare, helping people from all over the world.

The mission statement that Dr. Mayo adopted in 1910 is still very much alive and repeated everyday here in Rochester…“The needs of the patient come first.”  

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