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Authorized Dealers

Finding the oxygen concentrator that is right for you can be a big undertaking. There are many factors to consider - your oxygen needs, the specifications of the concentrator, the price, and last but not least, the company you choose to purchase from. All oxygen concentrators require servicing to stay in good working condition. It is important to purchase from a company that will offer support and service after the sale and put your needs first.

The following companies are the ONLY Authorized Dealers of Inogen products. If a company is not on the following list, than it is NOT Authorized to sell Inogen products:

  • Main Clinic Supply - Shop Now
  • Inogen
  • Oximedical
Please beware of purchasing from resellers that are NOT authorized dealers! You risk buying used, damaged, or stolen products, and in many cases you may not have access to support after the sale. The deceptive sales practices of sellers that are not authorized have cost many patients time, money, and worst of all, their freedom and mobility.

We here at Main Clinic Supply know how vital your oxygen concentrator is to your freedom, mobility, and independence. We are an Authorized Dealer of Inogen products, as well as many other brands. You can depend on the quality of our products, the knowledge of our Oxygen Specialists, and the in-depth training of our Certified Service Technicians - together, we will help you find the concentrator that is best for you and provide exceptional support and service after the sale as we continue to put your needs first.


The Benefits of Purchasing from an Authorized Dealer:
  • An Authorized Dealer will help you if your products need service.
  • An Authorized Dealer is knowledgeable about Inogen products.
  • An Authorized Dealer has the full support of Inogen, the manufacturer.
  • An Authorized Dealer stocks Inogen products.
  • An Authorized Dealer is scrutinized by Inogen prior to authorization.
  • An Authorized Dealer is financially responsible.

Call our Oxygen Specialists at 1-800-775-0942 with any questions!


Any place that advertises pricing that is below the Inogen prices shown below is NOT Inogen Authorized. You may be buying used, damaged or stolen products!

The statement above and prices below are direct documents from Inogen, the manufacturer.

Be very careful, many places online state they are Inogen Authorized that are not, they illegally use Inogen branded photos and will verbally tell you they are "authorized".

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