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Prescription Policy

The FDA regulates the sale of all oxygen within the United States. Per FDA regulations, we must obtain a copy of your oxygen prescription in order to supply you with an oxygen concentrator. You may fax or email your oxygen prescription directly to us, or we are happy to contact your healthcare provider's office to have a copy of your prescription sent to us after you place an order online.

Prescriptions can be sent to us directly via:

FAX: 1-800-819-7179

EMAIL: rx@mainclinicsupply.com

TEXT: 507-205-2226

Many of our customers who visit us here in Rochester, Minnesota come from all over the world to visit the world-famous Mayo Clinic. We have extensive experience in calling healthcare providers' offices all across the United States to obtain oxygen prescriptions. 

If you would like us to contact your healthcare provider's office to obtain a copy of your oxygen prescription, please give us a call at 1-800-775-0942. We are more than happy to get this done in a timely manner for you! 

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