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Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator - Main Clinic Supply
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Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Learn More Total G4 Batteries Included in Your Package


*Based on oxygen flow setting of 2, a higher setting will use more battery power.

  • Small Battery - Lightweight 4-Cell Lithium Ion Battery (Up to 2 Hour Run-time)*
  • Large Battery - Double-Hour 8-Cell Lithium Ion Battery (Up to 4 Hour Run-Time)*

The (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration requires oxygen users on board aircraft to carry 150% battery life to meet their oxygen needs while flying on all airlines. The flight hours must include not only time in the air but also layovers between legs of flights to your final destination airport.  
For examples:
  • 6 hr non-stop flight will require 9 hrs of battery life......... (6 hrs X 150% = 9 hrs)
  • 8 hr one-stop-flight with a 2 hr layover requires 15 hrs of battery life......... (8 hrs + 2 hrs = 10 hrs X 150% = 15 hrs)

    Sometimes referred to as Li-ion battery or (LIB) is a member of a family of rechargeable battery types in which lithium ions move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode during discharge and back when charging. Li-ion batteries use an intercalated lithium compound as one electrode material, compared to the metallic lithium used in a non-rechargeable lithium battery. The electrolyte, which allows for ionic movement, and the two electrodes are the constituent components of a lithium-ion battery cell.

    Learn More G4 Portable Upgrade Bundles Add On

      Ask us about how you can SAVE with a one-time payment on your Portable Upgrade Bundle! When you do, you will also receive the very valuable "worry-free" Drop Protection.

      Note: the factory warranty and all other warranties do not cover damage from dropping your machine.  


      The Inogen One G4 is a top seller here at Main Clinic Supply. Lightweight, portable, quiet in operation yet powerful in delivery, it’s your ticket to living an active life again. And with this special deal, you get extra features that make the G4 even more user-friendly. 

      Inogen One G4 Features

      The Inogen One G4 model oxygen concentrator machine offers these benefits:

      The Latest Technology 

      Unlike 95% of oxygen concentrators designed more than five years ago with older technology, the Inogen G4's specs and innovations set it apart. This is one of the reasons that the G4 is selling out so quickly. 


      With its long-lasting battery and multiple charging options, the G4 gives you the freedom and mobility you never thought you’d have with an oxygen machine. 

      The specially designed carry bag with a padded shoulder strap makes any leisure activity possible again, even while using your G4 machine. The Inogen G4 weight is also responsible for this enhanced mobility. At only 2.8 lbs, it’s the lightest machine in its class.

      Option Of A Double-the-Hours Battery Add-On

      The standard battery included with your purchase is long-lasting and charges up as you use your machine, whether connected to AC or DC. But you can have even more battery power by purchasing the new double battery.

      Intelligent Oxygen Delivery

      The Inogen One G4 machine delivers oxygen to you as you breathe. Designed to trigger pulse volume oxygen as you breathe.  Upon inspiration delivering the bolus of oxygen when it most affects lung gas exchange,  Proven to oxengate patients during the day, at rest, and in sleep.

      AC & DC Power

      The G4 can operate off AC power in the home or DC power in the car, charging while in use. It automatically converts to the local voltage, so you can safely take it abroad, and it will operate normally.

      Why Buy the Inogen One G4 POC from Main Clinic Supply?

      Lifetime 24/7 Technical Support

      Anytime you need technical assistance with the setup or operation of your oxygen machine, help is just a phone call away. Your purchase of the G4 entitles you to lifetime access to 24/7 tech support.  Call them and speak to oxygen concentrator experts with in-depth training on all Inogen One machines.

      Inogen One G4 Price

      The Inogen One G4 Oxygen Concentrator on this special offer can be yours for only $2,774.00.

      Free Next-Day FedEx Delivery

      As with all our Inogen products, delivery is free of charge. The Inogen One G4 will be delivered to your door with free next-day delivery service from our trusted partner, FedEx.

      Your New Inogen One G4 Purchase Includes:

      The Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator machine with:

      • NEW Inogen G4 Portable Concentrator
      • Intelligent Oxygen Delivery - Daytime and Nighttime Oxygen
      • Light Lithium Ion Battery
      • Optional: Double-TheHours Battery
      • Soft & Comfortable Nasal Cannula
      • Carrying Bag with Shoulder Strap
      • A/C Wall Power Supply 
      • D/C Car Power Supply
      • 3-Year Warranty (Lifetime Upgrade Available)
      • Lifetime 24/7 Technical Support
      • And Free FedEx Next Day Delivery
      • Optional:  Lifetime Warranty and Service and Maintenance, Includes our exclusive "Worry-Free Drop Coverage." 

      Call us today to learn more about our portable oxygen concentrators, filters, carry bags, and other accessories: 1-800-775-0942 

      *Ultimate Package Above Daytime Carry/Wear Oxygen Settings 1-3 + Sleep with 1-5 LPM Constant Flow Oxygen. Includes free travel case! 

      Medicare Note:

      Medicare will not purchase any Inogen One System, as Medicare classifies these as “Luxury Items.” Most insurance companies take the same stance as Medicare. But a few insurance companies will reimburse all or part of your Inogen Oxygen system after purchasing and submitting the required claim forms.

      Here are some excerpts from Medicare and Insurance terminology:

      “While Medicare will pay for items that are adequate and effective to meet the medical needs of the Medicare beneficiary, Medicare will not pay for convenience or luxury features.”

      “any item that has particular convenience or luxury features, electrical or mechanical features that enhance the standard or basic Medicare allowed medical equipment usually serves a convenience function”

      Inogen One Systems are the best on the market; owning the VERY BEST IN PORTABLE OXYGEN is worth the investment.


      Detailed Specifications for the Inogen One G4 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

      Inogen One G4 POC's Specifications Value
      Dimensions (with single battery) L/W/H: 5.91 in. / 2.68 in. / 6.5 in.
      Dimensions (with double battery) L/W/H: 5.91 in. / 2.68 in. / 7.2 in.
      Weight (including single battery) 2.8 pounds (1.27 Kg)
      Noise 40 dBA (on setting 2)
      Warm-Up Time 2 minutes
      Oxygen Concentration 90% - 3% /+ 6% at all settings
      Flow Control Settings 3 settings: 1 to 3
      - AC Power Supply AC Input: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
      Auto-Sensing: 1.0A
      - DC Power Cable DC Input: 13.5-15.5VDC, 10A Max.
      Rechargeable Battery Voltage: 12.0-16.8 VDC
      Battery Duration (single battery) Up to 2.7 hours
      Battery Duration (double battery) Up to 5 hours
      Battery Charging Time (single battery) Up to 3 hours
      Battery Charging Time (double battery) Up to 5 hours
      Environmental Ranges - Intended for Use
      - Temperature 41-104˚F (5-40˚C)
      - Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
      - Altitude 0-10,000 ft (0-3048 meters)
      Environmental Ranges - Intended for Shipping and Storage
      - Temperature -13-158˚F (-25-70˚C)
      - Humidity 0% to 95% (non-condensing)
      - Altitude 0-10,000 ft (0-3048 meters)
      Transportation Keep Dry, Handle With Care

      Need a Higher Oxygen Flow?

      Check out the Inogen One G5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator 

      The Inogen One G5, with Oxygen Settings from 1 to 6.  Click Here


      You may fax your prescription for oxygen to us at 1-800-819-7179 or email rx@mainclinicsupply.com. We are also happy to obtain the prescription after placing your order here online.

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