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Inogen G2 vs Inogen G5


The Inogen G2 portable oxygen concentrator has been a staple in the oxygen therapy world for years, providing users with the freedom of mobility and independence. However, with the April 2019 release of the new Inogen G5 model, the G2 has officially been discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase. This marks the end of an era for this pioneering portable device.

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History of the Inogen G2

First released in 2009, the Inogen G2 was revolutionary in its ability to provide oxygen therapy outside of the home. Weighing only 4.8 pounds with a single battery, it was less than half the weight of its predecessor, the Inogen One. The G2 could operate on battery power for up to 5 hours, allowing users to be on the go without being tethered to an AC power source. With its sleek, compact design, it paved the way for a new generation of portable oxygen concentrators.

Over the past decade, the G2 became the gold standard when it came to portable oxygen. Its reliability, durability, and performance made it the go-to choice for oxygen users who valued mobility and freedom. It opened up new possibilities for travel, social activities, and independence that stationary oxygen systems could not provide. For many users, the Inogen G2 was life-changing technology.

However, after over 10 years on the market, the G2 has begun to show its age in comparison to newer models like the OxyGo Next vs Inogen G5 and Simply Go Mini vs Inogen G5. While still a capable device, the G2 lacks some of the features and technology present in the latest portable concentrators. As competitors began releasing updated and more advanced models, such as the Inogen G4 vs Invacare Platinum, it became clear that the G2 was lagging behind in certain aspects.

The Next Generation: Inogen G5

With the launch of the Inogen G5 in April 2019, the company decided it was time to phase out the aging G2. The newly released G5 aims to improve upon the G2 in every way, providing benefits that breathe new life into the portable oxygen concentrator market.

inogen g2 vs g5 comparison

Detailed Comparison Between the G2 and G5

When looking at the details, the differences between the G2 and new G5 become quite apparent. Here is an overview of the key distinguishing features:

  • Weight - The G5 weighs only 4.7 pounds compared to 7 pounds for the G2. The reduction makes the G5 much lighter and more portable.
  • Battery Life - The G5 can operate on a single battery for up to 13 hours, while the G2 lasts up to 4 hours with a 12-cell battery or 8 hours with a 24-cell battery.
  • Sound Level - At just 38 dB on setting 2, the G5 is ultra-quiet. The G2 operates at less than 38 decibels, so also relatively quiet.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - The G5 syncs with the Inogen Connect app, allowing users to easily monitor device status, change settings, track usage history, and more. The G2 does not offer app connectivity.
  • Accessory Compatibility - The G5 is compatible with Inogen's full line of accessories, including the backpack, wheelchair bag, and more. The G2 has limited accessory options.
  • Size - At 25% smaller than the G2, the G5 is more compact and easier to travel with while still providing the same oxygen output capacity.
  • Warranty - The G5 comes with a 5-year warranty versus a 3-year warranty on the G2 unit itself.
  • Oxygen Output - Both concentrators provide therapeutic oxygen levels, with the G2 producing up to 1265 ml/min and the G5 providing 1250 ml/min.

With upgrades in weight, battery life, connectivity, and warranty coverage, the G5 emerges as the superior device over the now discontinued G2 model.

The Discontinuation Process

With the official launch of the G5 in April 2019, Inogen initiated the discontinuation process for the G2. While no longer available for new purchases, Inogen recognizes there are still many G2 users who rely on the device. They outlined a transition timeline to minimize disruption for current G2 owners:

  • As of October 2022, the G2 has been removed from the Inogen website and can no longer be purchased new.
  • Existing distributors and retailers will continue selling G2 inventory through Q1 2023 on a limited basis.
  • Inogen will honor all existing G2 warranties and continue providing repair services through 2025.
  • G2 accessories and batteries will remain available for purchase via Inogen through 2025.

This ensures G2 users have ample time to transition to a new device if desired. With distributors selling remaining inventory through early 2023, patients won't be forced to immediately switch to the G5 but can do so on their own timeline.

Inogen has also launched a G2 trade-in program. Users can receive up to a $1,000 credit toward a new G5 with an eligible trade-in. For the many long-time G2 users, this makes upgrading to the latest technology more affordable.

The discontinuation of the G2 marks a monumental shift in portable oxygen concentrators. It served users faithfully for over a decade, providing unparalleled freedom and independence. But the launch of the G5, with its dramatic improvements in weight, size, battery life, and connectivity, has made the G2 obsolete.

inogen one g5 vs g2 features

The Inogen G5 Revolutionizes Portable Oxygen

With the discontinuation of the G2, the Inogen G5 is poised to become the new leader in portable oxygen therapy. After dominating the market for over 10 years, the G2 laid the groundwork for next-generation concentrators like the G5.

Weighing under 5 pounds, fitting in the palm of your hand, and powering on for over 13 hours per charge, the G5 represents a new era in possibilities for portable oxygen users. Its lightweight, ultra-quiet, and feature-packed design allows unparalleled freedom to stay active and on-the-go. Plus, it synchronizes seamlessly with the Inogen Connect app for real-time monitoring and ease of use. 

For decades, oxygen therapy meant being tied down to bulky, noisy tanks and stationary concentrators. The G2 began breaking down those barriers. Now the G5 aims to destroy them entirely, offering 24/7 oxygen access without the burden of equipment holding you back.

The Inogen G5 makes portable oxygen therapy more powerful and convenient than ever before. For people looking to reclaim their independence and mobility, the G5 provides everything they need right in the palm of their hand. With the shift from the G2 to the G5, Inogen reiterates its commitment to pushing the limits of possibility and freedom for oxygen users.

The era of the Inogen G2 has come to an end, but more innovative and user-focused options are here to take its place. For anyone considering purchasing their first or upgrading their current portable oxygen concentrator, the G5 is the clear choice that will meet today's demands while powering the possibilities of tomorrow.

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