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How to Change Columns on Inogen G3

Remove the Old Columns

Replacing the molecular sieve oxygen concentrator columns is part of the routine maintenance required for the Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator. The columns filter and purify room air to provide a continuous flow of therapeutic oxygen to the user. With regular use, these columns eventually need replacement. An inogen g3 review can offer insights on users' experience with this maintenance aspect.

Luckily, Inogen provides clear step-by-step instructions on removing and installing new columns, making it a straightforward process for the owner to perform at home. Always be sure to have a replacement set of Inogen columns on hand before beginning the procedure. For more detailed guidelines, the inogen one g3 manual can be a comprehensive resource.

What this article covers:

To start, remove the Inogen One G3 from its carry bag and turn the device completely off by pressing the power button. Next, knowing how to charge Inogen One G3 is crucial, but first, remove the battery from the back of the unit.

Flip the concentrator over so the display panel is facing downwards. Locate the spring-loaded latch button on the base. Press this button to release the column and slide it out using the included column tool. Remove both columns in this manner.

Thoroughly inspect the empty column slots and clear away any dust or debris with a soft brush or cloth. Fetch the new columns and first remove their protective dust caps. Quickly insert each column into the open slot, pressing firmly until the latch button clicks back into its locked position.

replace columns on Inogen G3

Install the New Columns

With the columns secured, flip the device upright. Reconnect the battery and AC power supply. Press and hold the light button for 10 seconds until the display reads “sieve reset” then let go. Press the bell button once and “sieve reset successful” should appear, indicating the Inogen One G3 has detected the new columns. One query that often arises is is the Inogen G3 continuous flow? Understanding the device's operating mode can be crucial for optimal usage.

Finally, power on the concentrator as normal and verify the oxygen flow. The Inogen One G3 will automatically re-calibrate itself to the new columns within a few minutes of operation. As long as flow is consistent, the column replacement procedure is complete.

Be sure to follow all safety precautions when handling oxygen equipment. Keep the concentrator in a clean, dry environment and always have it serviced by the manufacturer annually. Replacing spent columns regularly is crucial for ensuring patients receive the right therapeutic oxygen dosage from their Inogen One G3. 

changing sieve columns on Inogen G3


Consult the owner's manual or contact Inogen customer support for full maintenance instructions. With the proper columns and care, an Inogen portable oxygen concentrator can reliably provide years of mobile oxygen therapy. Proactively maintaining the columns is essential for performance. By understanding how to swap columns, patients can keep their critical medical device functioning properly.

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