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React Health Platinum 10 Inlet Filter

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React Health (formerly Invacare) Platinum 10 has a specialized filter that stops dust and debris from making it into the machine and minimizes operational noise. It’s easy to install and replace, which makes users’ maintenance a breeze.

But to keep your React Health machine working properly, this filter needs to be replaced regularly.  And we have the React Health Oxygen Concentrator Replacement Filter you need, right here.

React Health Oxygen Concentrator Filter Features

With the React Health Oxygen Concentrator Filter, you’ll enjoy all these benefits:

Protection For Your Machine

Any machine, including your oxygen concentrator, can be hampered by household dust and debris. It gets into the inner workings of the machine, where if left unchecked, it can cause damage. That’s why React Health’s Platinum 10 oxygen concentrator relies on this filter to keep these dust particles at bay.

Protection For You

This filter doesn’t just protect your machine and keep it operating at maximum efficiency, it does the same for you, too. By eliminating dust and any airborne agents in their tracks, you don’t have to worry about them affecting your breathing. In this way, the filter protects both your machine and you.

Noise Reduction

Yet another sterling benefit of the React Health Oxygen Concentrator Filter is its ability to dampen the machine’s noise. Although every effort is made to produce oxygen machines that are not noisy, there will always be a low level of sound while it’s operational. This filter minimizes that sound.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance doesn't get easier than this. Simply remove the cover to the left of your React Health Platinum 10 machine, remove the old filter, and replace it with the new one. 

Free FedEx Delivery Of Your React Health Filter

Unlike other suppliers, we don’t expect large purchases before offering free delivery. It’s available on all products, including the React Health Oxygen Concentrator Filter. You’ll enjoy these air-filtering benefits with free delivery, via FedEx couriers.

Your Purchase Includes

A React Health Oxygen Concentrator Inlet Filter,  that :

  • Filters Dust From The Air
  • Keeps Airborne Debris Out Of Your Oxygen Machine
  • Protects You From Breathing In Dust & Harmful Particles
  • Is Quick & Easy To Replace
  • Delivered Free With FedEx

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