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Inogen One Rove 6 Cart - Main Clinic Supply
Inogen One Rove 6 Cart - Main Clinic Supply
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Inogen One Rove 6 Cart

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As an authorized dealer for Inogen products, we’re proud to offer you the Inogen portable oxygen concentrator cart. Now your Inogen oxygen machine can go everywhere you go. Wheel it along with you in this stylish and strong trolley cart, built to safely transport your Inogen oxygen machine. 

Want to take your oxygen machine with you for a stroll in the park? Or how about a trip to the local fair? You can do it, as your Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cart allows you to transport your Inogen oxygen machine with ease. This cart is also compatible with the Inogen One G3 and Inogen One G5.

These are the top features of the Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cart:

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cart Features

Telescopic Handle

No matter your height or mobility you’ll find using the portable oxygen concentrator cart a pleasure. Don’t bend, stoop, or strain yourself to pull your oxygen machine along with you. The cart has a telescopic handle similar to modern luggage bags. 

Just pull it up to a height that’s comfortable for you, and wheel it along. When you’re done using it, the handle folds back down for easier storage. This makes it convenient to stow away until you need it again. 

Robust Materials With Rugged Construction

A rugged build can still look stylish when the right materials are used. With its stylish and simple design, you can take the portable oxygen concentrator cart anywhere you choose. 

No terrain is a problem, as this cart is built to withstand many types of surfaces. Built to last out of durable materials, it will help you stay mobile and carefree. 

Sturdy Wheels & Wide Wheelbase

The strong wheels and wide wheelbase are what give this cart stability. No matter the environment or the terrain, the wheels keep turning smoothly and the cart will remain stable.

Don’t worry about your machine falling over if you hit a slight hump in the road. It protects your machine against knocks and bumps and prevents accidental falls.

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cart Price

This oxygen concentrator travel cart can be used with the Inogen One Rove 6 machine, for easy transportation. And priced at only $150, it’s budget-friendly, too.

Free FedEx Delivery

Everyone has the right to medical-grade oxygen products and accessories. That’s why we keep our standards high but our prices low. There are no hidden costs or surprises when it comes to shipping and delivery. 

Your portable oxygen concentrator cart will be delivered completely free, to your door, with FedEx.

Your Purchase Includes

The Portable Oxygen Concentrator Cart comes with:

  • Simple, Elegant Design
  • Robust Materials & Construction
  • Wide Wheel Base For More Stability
  • Thick, Strong Wheels For Rough Terrains
  • Telescopic Handle
  • FREE FedEx Delivery.

Call us today for more information about our portable oxygen concentrators, batteries, chargers, and travel carts: 1-800-775-0942

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