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Life-Time Warranty & Service Plan + DROP Coverage:

    • ***LIFETIME Warranty*** on your Inogen Concentrator (Includes DROP COVERAGE)
      • Life-Time Coverage: Internal Computer/Mother Board ($842 in savings) 
      • Life-Time Coverage: Internal Compressor ($481 in savings)
      • Life-Time Coverage: Feed Manifold ($242 in savings)
      • Life-Time Coverage: Product Manifold ($242 in savings)
      • Life-Time Coverage: External Case ($292 in savings)
      • Life-Time Coverage: Much More...Click Here For All Items Covered Under Warranty
      • Life-Time Warranty Covers anything and everything on the concentrator. Water damage is excluded, but damage from dropping the machine is covered!
    • FedEx Overnight Delivery on All Warranty Replacements for LIFE
    • FREE Carrying Case
    • LIFETIME Annual Service Updates performed by an Inogen-Certified technician that includes ALL the services listed below every year for FREE! Your machine would than be returned to you with FREE FedEx Overnight Delivery!
      • O2 Service Soon Columns Replacement ($209 in savings per year!)
      • Output Filters Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
      • Gross Particle Filters Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
      • Cabinet Filter Replacement ($115 in savings per year!)
      • Computer Software Update ($295 in savings per year!)
      • Complete Internal Cleaning ($109 in savings per year!)
      • PLUS oxygen delivery test, pressure test, and oxygen purity maximized
    • DROP COVERAGE: This is a service that ONLY us here at Main Clinic Supply offer - regardless of where you originally bought your concentrator! We understand mistakes can happen and your machine may get knocked off a table or dropped. NOTE: Drop Coverage is not included in the standard manufacturer warranty, so MANY oxygen users quickly see the value in this package!