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Inogen Rove 6 vs Inogen G5

The Trusted Inogen G5 vs. The New Inogen Rove 6: A Comparison of These Leading Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Inogen Rove 6 vs Inogen One G5

For years, the Inogen G5 has been a popular portable oxygen concentrator (POC) allowing supplemental oxygen on-the-go. Now with the 2023 release of the Inogen Rove 6, oxygen users have an upgraded choice, sharing the proven benefits of the G5 in a more advanced package.

 Both machines use Inogen’s proprietary intelligent pulse flow delivery technology to conserve oxygen by sensing breath intake and providing timed oxygen pulses only as needed. This allows similar oxygen capacity to traditional concentrators in a fraction of the size and weight. 

 The Rove 6 builds on years of improvements to the Inogen G5. Enhancements include an easier-to-grip contoured carry handle and intuitive control panel. Where the Rove 6 really shines is its cutting-edge pulse flow delivery algorithms that closely match oxygen delivery to breathing patterns, further optimizing effectiveness and battery life.

 Additional Rove 6 features include personalized oxygen therapy flow to match settings to prescriptions and lifestyles. The expected lifespan has also recently been extended to 8 years for both the G5 and Rove 6 models.

 When comparing noise levels between these two models, the most recent tests showed the Rove 6 is slightly quieter at 39 dBA vs 42 dBA for the G5. So, users who prefer maximum quiet operation may favor the newer Rove 6.

 With over a decade of experience behind it, Inogen continues innovating portable oxygen concentrators with the Rove 6. This new POC combines proven reliability with improved design and intelligent automation. Oxygen users can be confident in the performance and longevity of both the tried-and-true G5 and the feature-packed new Rove 6.


Inogen’s Intelligent Oxygen Delivery:

Inogen's pulse flow technology utilizes sensitive electronic sensors to detect the start of inhalation and deliver a measured "pulse" of oxygen only during inspiration. This allows the concentrator to conserve oxygen in between breaths, requiring less power and allowing for a smaller, lighter device design.

Quicker than the old pulse system that we know from oxygen tanks. In addition, these are the only products with a backup safety feature that will automatically kick in.

If your breath is not detected at any time, the Inogen will begin auto-delivering the oxygen until your breath is detected again and then will sync back to your breath rate.

Inogen's pulse-flow devices can also adjust pulse volumes to precisely meet a user's prescribed pulse-dose flow setting from 1 to 6 (210 ml/min up to 1,260 ml/min). This helps optimize oxygen delivery and battery life. The pulse flow technology allows the Inogen G5 and Rove 6 to provide the high levels of supplemental oxygen users need while weighing under 5 pounds.

In summary, the proprietary pulse flow method allows Inogen concentrators to provide maximum oxygen in a small, lightweight package by only delivering oxygen as needed during inhalation. This advanced technology allows improved mobility and freedom for oxygen therapy users.

Oxygen Flow Rate Comparison

The two machines have almost the same oxygen flow rates.

As you can see below, the rates at different settings and breath rates are the same except in a few cases where the G5 is a fraction more powerful.

Flow Setting


Inogen One G5 Pulse Volume (mL)

Inogen Rove 6 Pulse Volume (mL)


















































2024 Inogen One Rove Series Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Why Portability Matters When Choosing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

For those who require supplemental oxygen on the go, a portable oxygen concentrator can be a life-changing device. With innovative technology, portable oxygen concentrators are now smaller and lighter than ever before while delivering the needed oxygen flow rates. When selecting a portable oxygen concentrator, portability should be a top priority. Here's why portability matters.

Mobility and Independence: Portable oxygen concentrators under 5 pounds finally offer true freedom of movement without being tethered to bulky tanks. This allows users independence in daily activities, recreation, and travel that was once extremely limited on oxygen therapy.

Comfort and Discretion: The small size of these POCs increases wearing comfort and discretion. Devices can be slipped into a bag or worn over the shoulder, rather than hauled on a cart. This reduces unwanted attention and self-conscious feelings some oxygen users experience.

Reliability and Battery Life: Advanced pulse flow conservation technology allows similar therapeutic oxygen capacity to larger concentrators, now powered in a compact battery-operated unit. Multiple battery options provide reliable oxygen for several hours between charges.

When evaluating and selecting a portable oxygen concentrator prescription, portability should be assessed based on individual therapy needs and lifestyle goals to ensure the proper balance of oxygen delivery, battery runtime, discretion/comfort and overall mobility.

Key Size Specifications

Inogen Rove 6 and Inogen One G5:

  • Length: 7.18 in (18.24 cm)
  • Width: 3.27 in (8.31 cm)
  • Height: 8.14 in (20.68 cm)

Updated Lifespan Expectancy

August 07, 2023 Press Release: The Inogen® Rove 6TM was launched in Europe in December 2022. Having completed the necessary regulatory processes, the expected service life of the Rove 6 will be extended from 5 years to 8 years for all Rove 6 devices sold worldwide. The 8 year best-in-class expected service life has also been extended to Inogen One® G5 portable oxygen concentrators in the US.

How to Decide: Inogen G5 vs Rove 6

When deciding between purchasing the Inogen G5 or the Rove 6, the G5's 10-year plus track record of on going improvements is a decisive vote of reliability and durability. However, the Rove 6 offers all-new robust software and additional feature enhancements in a slightly smaller and quiet package.

So while the upgraded Rove 6 certainly presents some nice-to-have advantages, buyers can't go wrong choosing the time-tested Inogen G5 model either – especially those seeking maximum assurance in proven long-term performance.

Both outstanding portable oxygen concentrators have their strengths and provide the critical oxygen therapy users rely on. Consider cost differences and the latest features that suit your personal oxygen and portability needs when choosing between these two impressive models.


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