The Best in Oxygen for General Aviation

Finally, a portable oxygen concentrator for pilots that meets FAA requirements with ease.

Introducing the Inogen G5 For Aviation Use

  • FAA Approved
  • Lightweight at 5lbs with 8-cell battery and 6.5lbs with 16-cell
  • Battery powered for up to 5 hours for 8 cell and 8-9 hours for 16-cell battery
  • Pulse flow delivery senses breath and provides oxygen bolus
  • Easy to use 6 flow settings up to 1.58 gallons per minute
  • Recharges onboard while operating
  • Can support 1 or 2 people with oxygen
  • Used and trusted by pilots for over 15 years
  • 3-year warranty

The Inogen G5 System contains everything a pilot needs for in-flight oxygen use

As a supplemental source of oxygen for pilots & their passengers in flight, authorized for use in commercial aviation, standard oxygen concentrators such as the Inogen G5 are available off-the-shelf and provide >90%+ oxygen via a nasal cannula. Having this unlimited source of oxygen without having to worry about refilling bottles, the current generation of oxygen concentrators can deliver to the pilot or individual passengers in either a single or dual user configuration oxygen up to 18,000 ft. Battery powered and weighing only 5 lbs, it easily fits onboard most GA aircraft. Nasal cannulas are not allowed in Class A airspace (>18,000’ MSL). Included in the Windblade Aviator Kit are aviation configured cannula (dual and single) as well as a DC-DC converter with 12 - 32V DC input (autosensing) to ensure safe power to your oxygen concentrator.

  • Full Kit $310 plus shipping/tax
  • Cannulas only kit $115 plus shipping/tax
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Got questions about the Inogen G5 For Aviation Use?

As an exclusive provider of Inogen equipment for aviation, we prioritize a seamless experience for pilots. For in-depth technical aviation questions, our partner Tom Laux at Windblade is your go-to expert. He handles cannula setups, DC converters, and ensures all your inquiries are promptly addressed. Please get in touch and we’ll connect you.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Inogen Aviator

Does the Inogen system meet FAA requirements for supplemental oxygen?

Yes, the Inogen Aviator is FAA approved for use in non-pressurized aircraft up to 18,000 feet when supporting 1 pilot and up to 14,000 feet when supporting 2 people.

How does the Inogen system work?

It is a portable oxygen concentrator that uses pressure swing adsorption to filter nitrogen out of ambient air and provide pilots with up to 92%+ concentrated oxygen.

What components are included?

The system comes with the Inogen G5 portable oxygen concentrator, an 8-cell or 16-cell lithium ion battery, power cables, carrying case, cannula kits, and an auto-sensing aviation DC-DC power converter.

How long does the battery last?

On a single charge, the 8-cell battery provides up to 5 hours of runtime on lower pulse flow settings. The 16-cell battery provides up to 9 hours of runtime. Recharges onboard through aircraft power.

How is the oxygen delivered?

Using nasal cannulas, the Inogen system delivers a bolus or pulse of oxygen when the user inhales, sensing each breath and responding to demand.

Can the system support more than 1 person?

Yes, it can support 1 pilot up to 18k feet or 2 people up to 14k feet making it flexible for different flights.

What kind of monitoring or alerts does it provide?

The Inogen Connect smartphone app tracks battery status, system operation, maintenance needs, software updates, and troubleshooting tips.

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