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Inogen One G3 Particle Filters (Pair) - Main Clinic Supply

Inogen One G3 Particle Filters (Pair)

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These removable particle filters cover the air intake screens and filter out airborne contaminants. To ensure proper airflow, particle filters should be gently washed with warm soapy water once a week and allowed to air dry before being put back in place.

These filters should be replaced every six months (or sooner if the screen is damaged or the filter is misshapen).

Please note: There are two different types of particle filters for the Inogen One G3, and they cannot be used interchangeably. If your concentrator has settings 1-4, you will need to select that option above. Similarly, if your concentrator has settings 1-5, you will need to select that option. If you are unable to determine which type of particle filters your machine requires, please contact our service department at 1-800-595-3551 for assistance.

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