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Mayo Clinic Health Letter - Mindfulness

Learn how to overcome pain, depression, suffering, grief and more with your mind!

 "12 Reasons to be Happier" - Dr. Amit Sood, MD 

Dr. Amit Sood, an eminent physician and the CEO of Resilient Option, has compiled a list of the 12 biggest benefits of choosing happiness for yourself today. As seen in the video below, choosing happiness can have far-reaching benefits for you, your health, and for those around you! While serving as the director of research for Mayo Clinic's Integrative Medicine Program, he also wrote a report on the myriad of benefits that Mindfulness can have on patients' therapy and general wellbeing.


We here at Main Clinic Supply believe in the benefits of a complete and robust approach to health, healing, and therapy, and we do our best to provide our patients with resources that they can use to improve their overall health. We are happy to include a copy of the Mindfulness report with any order at no charge! To receive a copy of the report, please mention it in the comment section during checkout.

Take control of your health and happiness today!

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